Our Luge Run

While it is great to ski (du fond) on our 48 acres – we needed to find a safe activity for the kids, and while we have a great long road down our hill to the river (the run is over 400 feet), we weren’t so sure at first whether the toboggans would go too fast on it – or whether the trees would be a hazzard. After picking up a heavy-duty Pelican sled from Canadian Tire (meant for hauling cargo to ice-fishing huts), we tried a run! The snow was soft and deep, and so it cut a nice straight track down the hill, and on subsequent runs, we stayed in the track every time. After we picked up our snowblower, we cut in a deeper track, to be sure we didn’t veer off of it. As the road was originally graded to municipal standards, the pitch does not exceed 10%, and so we picked up enough speed for this to be fun, but not dangerous – see for yourself!


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  1. Jacques R. Delorme says:

    If Mr. Bartlette can bring the up front pre-development funding from the private sector, this project could indeed become a reality. I was personally involved and the promoter of a residential resort-golf couse project of more that 200 million at Lac D’ Argyle North of Buckingham. After investing for several years, given the state of the economy in 2007-2008, we could not raise the necessary financing to move forward. My experience in this sector would be of great value to another promoter like Mr. Bartlette.

    Kindest regards,

    Jacques R. Delorme

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