Esprit Rafting and CBC’s Big Decision!

Free kayak rental to anyone participating in the Sunset event – contact Andy for details at – we will either start from Domaine de l’O and boat upriver at 5pm, or put in at Fort C – to be decided as a group! Bring your own VFI/PFD/Lifejacket!

Construction Started!

We have begun an aggressive schedule of development, well, micro-development, in order to meet our demand for this Summer – mostly friends and family! Here is what we are building: 3 of 4 Glamping tents – one to be used as our site kitchen and living quarters during construction (see photos of completed tent on deck) A 2,500 sf utility barn, which will house our water and waste systems, and give us a big pavilion for entertaining 6 RV sites […]

The Eco Trailer Park – What?

This article was originally written in 2008 as the summary of an investment offering, but has now found itself as the instrument of development at Domaine de l’O – a model development of the concepts described below. While smart growth and eco-developments have become part of the mainstream planning dialogue, trailer parks demonstrate a form of sustainable infrastructure and development patterns that already exist.  The oft-snubbed trailer park is probably the most overlooked form of sustainable and affordable housing, a […]

Du Camping de luxe dans la région – Journal du Pontiac

André Macron Les <<glamping>> tentes, tentes tout confort, avec leurs 224 pieds carrés, leur mobilier et le service compris vont offrir aux campeurs une expérience de luxe en pleine nature. En plus de ces tentes de luxe, il y aura des bâtiments peu communs construits dans le respect de l’environnenement, ainsi que des roulottes de luxe écologiques qui seront mis à la disposition des campeurs. (AM) MANSFIELD, le 12 mai 2012 – Cela fait un bon moment que Andy Thomson, […]

Campsites Almost Ready!

After extensive exploration, clearing, and simple contemplation, we have finally located all of our first 21 campsites. Chosen for their good views, elevation and drainage, unique natural features, proximity to trails, privacy and solar exposure and microclimate. Each site is practically invisible one to another – which translates to approximately 150′ to 200′ of physical separation. We have numbered the sites from 1 to 21, in order of their distance from our main entry and lodge area. We have also […]

Mont Chilly – A Blast From The Past

When I was a kid (circa 1973+), my father used to take us skiing at a local hill called ‘Tally Ho’ near Dwight/Huntsville somewhere in the Muskoka region. For me, it was the thrill of a lifetime, after of course what seemed like an eternity of misery trying like hell to do up my own leather ski-boot buckles. There was, as I recall maybe a single Poma lift or T-Bar, and an A-Frame cabin that served as a warming hut. […]

Eco Development

While I have consulted extensively on green development as a professional, I have never actually put all of my ideas into practice myself – until now. My own hands are literally bloody from sculpting terrain, cutting trees and shrubs, and basically clearing  the bush to make way for roads, trails, and the infrastructure for a bright-green campground. After extensive research, including a visit to a like-minded development called ‘Nature’s Harmony‘ near Mattawa, I learned that rather than pay tens of […]

Electric Cars and Boats

My son Kieran asked me today, “Dad, what is the longest-living animal?” We both thought for a while, and arrived at the conclusion that it must be a turtle (it’s up there, at 255 years, but certain coral can live for thousands of years). Why? “Because they use the least amount of energy, and they move slow” – he said. There must be some kind of universal law at play there. Things that move slow go further. That is the case […]

Our Luge Run

While it is great to ski (du fond) on our 48 acres – we needed to find a safe activity for the kids, and while we have a great long road down our hill to the river (the run is over 400 feet), we weren’t so sure at first whether the toboggans would go too fast on it – or whether the trees would be a hazzard. After picking up a heavy-duty Pelican sled from Canadian Tire (meant for hauling […]

Pontiac Technology Centre and Resort (PCTR)

Are they really planning Canada’s Wonderland in Western Québec? Last night at the quarterly meeting of the Pontiac Region Chamber of Commerce, the masterplan for the PTCR was announced. This is the first view that the public has seen of a 5 year, 2,500 acre, 5-billion dollar development that will see the complete transformation of the region.  Rémi Bertrand, Director of the region, clarified last night a number of points that the community has been wondering about, and dispelled some […]