For over 20 years, we have been working in the field of ecological architecture. We have always felt that a true, ecological living is closer to camping than living in a conventional home – and as a result we acquired Domaine de l’O in 2011, with plans to open a green campground in the Summer of 2012 & 2013, and convert this to an ecovillage in 2014, 2015. With a strong focus on quality, contemporary design and environmental features,  we provide  20 generous sites in a forested 48 acres, so you can feel like you’re in a community when you want to, but with 2.5 acres per member of privacy when you need it. We offer  spectacular views of the Ottawa River and attractive rates for seasonal and year-round guests. We hope you will leave with a different understanding of what an eco-village of the future might look like – or even an eco-suburb. To read more about our development goals, please visit our design website at: earthstream.ca

We will offer a range of sites for your tiny home:

  • 5 sites near our main lodge, 3/5 with 30amp service at 110V, picnic tables, waste and recycling stations. You have access (only approx. 200′ away)  to our two showers, two bathrooms and Infrared Sauna, as well as water and waste fillups.
  • 7 sites along ‘the Ridge’ with incredible views over the Ottawa River Valley, 160′ above the river – these are off-grid sites, and will require solar panels and/or composting toilets in your tiny home.
  • 8 River frontage sites – these are not yet accessible by car, but we have a 4WD electric shuttle vehicle that you are free to use as a member
  • Our passive-solar central lodge and workshop facility is 80% complete and has 2 showers, 2 bathrooms (one barrier-free) a medical-grade infrared-sauna and common kitchen and dining area.
  • We have a range of landscaping and carpentry tools, including a 50hp bio-diesel powered tractor and many implements to help with establishing your own garden, landscaping, snow-clearing and construction needs.

Only 119km to Ottawa, we are located at the tip of Grand Calumet Island on the shores of the mighty Ottawa River. With 48 acres of wilderness and over 90km of bike, skiddoo and ski trails along the river, and a host of world famous natural attractions right on our doorstep – you can explore the natural wonders of the Ottawa River Valley and keep your Carbon Footprint as low as possible!

Our mission statement is as follows:

To provide a full-service, ecological village experience, with a level of design, quality, attention to detail, service and facilities not available anywhere else in the Outaouais Region.

When we first discovered Fort Coulonge, we were amazed at the natural beauty of the region – and the accessibility of the region by car, bicycle and boat. As avid cyclists and recreational boaters, we wanted to find an area where we could camp by the river, while not leaving our car too far behind. The PPJ Cylcoparc trail on the Ottawa River was an incredible discovery for us – and with all of the attractions of the region, we’re sure you’ll be as impressed as we were!