Pontiac Technology Centre and Resort (PCTR)

Domaine de l'O is indicated by the red arrow

Are they really planning Canada’s Wonderland in Western Québec?

Last night at the quarterly meeting of the Pontiac Region Chamber of Commerce, the masterplan for the PTCR was announced. This is the first view that the public has seen of a 5 year, 2,500 acre, 5-billion dollar development that will see the complete transformation of the region.  Rémi Bertrand, Director of the region, clarified last night a number of points that the community has been wondering about, and dispelled some of the rumours that questioned the motives of the investors and promoters. Many have asked, why of all places invest such huge sums in a region like the Pontiac. The answers resonated with us – because we have chosen to develop Domaine de l’O in the Pontiac for the same reasons, namely:

Where else in the world boasts a relatively stable economy, with thousands of acres of affordable, beautiful property only an hour from a National Capital City? Given the exceptional terrain, natural beauty, and amazing waterfront vistas in the upper Pontiac, it is little wonder that this ‘best kept secret’ has finally been revealed.

And to put to rest rumours that Michael Bartlett is just using this plan as a smokescreen to cover a proposed uranium mine (Mr. Bartlett sits on the board of, and owns shares in some mining companies), this was flatly rejected by Mr. Bartlett himself saying,“…If I were developing a new restaurant, would I then put a sewage treatment plant right next door?”

Bartlett and his team, known for Epcot Center, Expo ’86, Canada’s Wonderland, and many other visionary,  international success stories,  have now completed their business plan, and are advancing to the final stages of finance planning. The official start of the project will be announced sometime in March of this year. While the plan is in its first draft (Canada’s Wonderland went through 60 iterations) The PTCR is set to include a number of components, all subject to review by marketing consultants and language experts (to respect Bill 101 as well as historic regional names for some of the sites) including but not limited to:

  1. The PTC – a kind of green incubation university for high-tech, green businesses, located along the East Bank of the Ottawa River (in pink)
  2. Discovery Airport (in orange) – for regional commuter flights and international freight
  3. River Bend (in green), a PGA golf course and resort
  4. Sanctuary Hills Club and Resort (in yellow), a 5-star hotel and resort on Lac la Frenière
  5. Sanctuary Hills Residential Development (dark green) – all three elements along the Coulonge River
  6. The Chutes Park – already a popular aerial park, which will be enhanced
  7. Discovery Place (burgundy) – a kind of edu-entertainment complex
  8. Marina Village (blue) – residential & resort
  9. First Academy – a world class school for Kindergarten through Cégep
  10. A new commuter rail station (orange)
  11. The new rail line (adjacent to the PPJ Cycloparc, this will cross Domaine de l’O)
  12. Paradise Island (dark green) – medium density residential development
Existing business and farms will be properly considered in the ensuing planning and consultative processes. Many have already been approached to sell, relocate, or option their lands. Many properties have already been secured. For an earlier story on this development, see the Ottawa Citizen piece linked here.

Needless to say, there will be considerable opportunities for anyone in the AEC sector in the region, as well as restauranteurs, etc. etc.

We ourselves are currently looking for investment partners to purchase strategic properties adjacent to our 50 acres, before the property values escalate considerably, which could start to take place in the next 60 to 90 days, when the development is officially announced as proceeding. There are two key properties we have our eyes on, a 14 acre parcel, and a 7 acre parcel. We would grant easements to our 1800′ of shoreline on the Ottawa River to any interested party that would help us by securing this land to meet our needs. For more information, please contact andy@ddlo.ca


12 Responses to “Pontiac Technology Centre and Resort (PCTR)”

  1. This would be nice for the Pontiac Region.
    This will put Fort-Coulonge, Mansfield-Pontefract on the map for sure.
    We need something like this.


    • Susan says:

      Has there been any moving forward… on this rumour…since this was posted…. I would love to relocate to that area… however the jobs are scarce at the moment. It would boost the economy not only on the Quebec side …but also on the Ontario Side of the Ottawa Valley….

      I have been dreaming of this happening to the area for a decade now…. but the old fart running these municipalities… Ontario and Quebec… are stiffulling the young…with no jobs.. Why?????

      • Andyro says:

        No idea – I haven’t heard a peep since the COC meeting that I posted on above. No news is good news? In any case – we are pushing ahead with our little campground either way!

  2. Neil Faulkner says:

    Very interesting and an appropriate vision. Why not on the Ottawa River (The Grand) and in the Pontiac. The Green Age and next step forward from near by Atomic Chalk River. We need more green technologies and communities.

    Keep me posted -I live in Wakefield,QC and we are trying to keep our steam train running – Up the Pontiac would be another great trip!

    Good luck and keep me posted.


    • This project would be very nice for the Pontiac, and Neil I like your proposal concerning the TRAIN. It was nice back then to ear the train passing through are town in Fort-Coulonge etc. and would be nice to bring it back.
      I have some pictures in my site concerning the train back then and I took great pride off put them there.

      Larry S Kenney
      Fort-Coulonge, Qc.

      • Susan says:

        There is a gentlemen on Calumet Island that has a museum pieces ready to go… He has the land to build a building..but that takes money… He has refurbished all kinds of 1800 sleigh, wagons, etc.. even a funeral glass wagon…… It was so great to see all his work a few years ago….

        I saw a museum in the progress…. I sure that there are more of this stuff around the Ottawa Valley to set up as attractions….

        I love the train thingy too…. I remember the days…when I would travel overnight to Grand Ma’s place…in Northern Ontario… Those were surely the days….

        imo… The train will make it way back to mainstream… as fuel costs continue to climb.

        Hey even Warren Buffett sees strong rail system as key to U.S. growth …. What’s good for Warren Buffet and the U.S. is good for Canada too.


  3. Susan says:

    I heard that the Golf Course has been sold…. I heard that land is being bought up… etc… However when I contacted the MRC… all I got was I have not seen any paperword to this effect.

    The person I spoke to.. believes this is all about the Uranium… and nothing absolutely nothing has changed hands in Fort Coulonge… with respect to this…

    Anyone know anything to the contrary of the MRC’s position????? I saw my taxes double this year… What was the justification for this move???? Are they trying to just keep it quiet.. for the time being.. or is the MRC’s stance on this genuine???? As in another hopeless con to get to the Uranium in the region. Just saying…

    I’m on my way back to the area this week…

  4. Susan says:

    btw.. Andre… aka Andy Thank you for your previous input on the subject….. I really hope this will come to the region some day… The young could use a break.. with employment.. imo..

    • Andyro says:

      The rumour mill is in full force. I would not assume anything. The fact is, the Pontiac has a lot more natural beauty, activity, and economic potential than the Gatineau valley, and I think it is only a matter fo time before more people start to realize this, investors big and small. We hope to one day offer employment in the region, but first we need to attract more people to the area’s tourism potential.

    • Susan says:

      OK.. Andre… what do you make of this????? I so want to believe that the playgroud and employment for the young is coming….

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