Site 1: The Bowl Cabin (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

1 – The Bowl – (cabin site) because it is one of the best views from 155′ above la Riveière des Outaouais. This site is ideal for someone that needs to access their cabin by car.

Site Type: Sleeping Cabin (sleeps 4)
Location: Western Extent of property.
Orientation: Facing Due South
Shading: 50%
Distances: 150′ + to other sites, 1500′ to the River,  500′ to the Lodge and Parking Area.
Washrooms: Outhouse located 50′ away
Amenities: 4 beds, Bedding, Picnic Table, Fire Pit, Covered Storage, Screened-in-porch
Lighting: Solar Trail Lamps
Rate: $99/night (4 campers)

Adjacent to The Bowl (2) and The Junction (3)  Sites.

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